1. Be Prepared
      Be prepared to give the details of your education, employment history (address, phone number, and supervisor), and at least one reference with their contact information. Before you begin, have the documents you want to attach ready (resume, cover letter, etc.) Acceptable file formats are Word documents (.doc) and Acrobat files (.pdf).
    2. Log In to the Secure Web Site
      All applications are taken electronically via the Great Jobs website. To apply for a TFS position, go to the main employment page (, click on "Vacant Positions" and then click the appropriate "Details" link for the job you want to apply for. From there, review the position description one last time and then click "Apply for this posting".  Then, follow the on-screen prompts to fill out your application.
    3. Create Your Application
      The details on your online application will be the primary information used to evaluate your qualifications for the job -- be thorough. You must fill in ALL required fields marked with a red asterisk (*) and SUBMIT it to the system. You can edit the application as often as necessary before you apply for a specific job. (You cannot edit an application that has already been submitted to a specific position.)
    4. Search Current Job Openings
      Click on the “Search Postings” button, define your search criteria and choose “Search”. Then choose to “View” the position in which you’re interested. Click on “Apply for this Job Opening”. You may be asked additional questions.
    5. Confirmation and Log Off
      Once your application and additional documents have been successfully submitted, you will see a confirmation page. From there you can go to the “Manage Jobs” section. Please remember to log off when you are done.
    6. Help
      If at any point in this process you need help or are unable to attach your resume to your online application, please contact (979) 458-6690 for assistance.