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Texas A&M Forest Service has the authority to acquire excess military equipment and assign the equipment to rural fire departments. This equipment is made available through the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program. The federal government maintains title to this property and therefore the equipment is considered on loan to the receiving fire department. Only equipment that can be used for fire suppression activities is available through the FEPP program. Texas A&M Forest Service will license FEPP vehicles for participating fire departments.

A. Steps for acquiring FEPP equipment are:

  1. The fire department will make formal application for the equipment.
  2. Application will be evaluated by the Texas A&M Forest Service for eligibility and priority. 
  3. The fire department will be notified when the equipment request is approved.

B. Responsibilities of the fire department:

  1. The fire department must sign a formal cooperative agreement with the Texas A&M Forest Service and place Texas A&M Forest Service door decals (furnished by Texas A&M Forest Service) on the vehicle.
  2. Allow periodic equipment inspections by Texas A&M Forest Service representatives.
  3. Use the equipment only for fire related activities.
  4. To house the equipment and to be responsible for all additional repair, operational costs, maintenance and upkeep.
  5. Maintain current liability insurance for each FEPP vehicle.
  6. To have FEPP vehicles inspected annually by an approved vehicle inspection station.
  7. Return the equipment to Texas A&M Forest Service when the equipment is of no further use to the fire department.

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Equipment From time to time the Texas A&M Forest Service screens the following items and they are issued to VFDs on a priority basis as they are received:
  • Truck Pickup - 1 ton 4x4 
  • Truck Flatbed - 2.5 ton 6x6
  • Truck Flatbed - 5 ton 6x6 
  • Truck Tanker - 1200, 2400, 5000 gallon 


  • Tanks - 600 gallon 
  • Tires - Various sizes for military trucks 
  • Generators 


For information on the FEPP Compliance Standards Briefing Paper, January 2007