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The Fire Quench program offers fire departments an additional tool to assist in fighting fires and is sold at many TFS offices throughout the state. Fire Quench is produced by the Texas Correctional Industries located in Sugarland, Texas.

What is Fire Quench...
Fire Quench is a liquid concentrate composed of a mixture of anionic surfactants, foam stabilizers, inhibitors and solvents. It is a Class A foam concentrate that can be applied to water by batch mixing or using a proportioning system. Fire Quench is sold in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.  

Surfactants reduce the surface tension of water. Reducing surface tension allows water to penetrate more deeply into fuels which aid in extinguishing the seat of a fire. Reducing the surface tension of water also permits it to spread over a larger area than the same volume of plain water. Additionally, heat is more readily absorbed which helps to slow down and stop the combustion process. In short, surfactants are used to make plain water work more efficiently for fire suppression.

Current Pricing...  
5 Gallon Pail       $35.00
55 Gallon Drum  $250.00

How to purchase...
Contact the nearest TFS Field Office listed on the Fire Quench Information Sheet Payment may be made with a check, money order or purchase order.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

For more information...
Call: (936)-639-8100
Email: firequench@tfs.tamu.edu

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